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Simone Barbagallo aka Barbax, was born in Rome in 1993.

Already in the family the art of music was known with the grandfather who played the accordion.

At the age of eleven, he began to listen to the first records recorded by the famous Roman house / minimal evenings, becoming more and more interested in electronic sounds and the art of dj-ing.
Subsequently, he began to dabble in the first mixes using vinyl and cdj.

The genres ranged from the minimal of Dubfire, Lucio Aquillina, Piemont, Oliver Huntemann, Format: B & similar.

Even the Spencer & Hill electro house, Deadmau5, played it a lot until 2009-2010.

Later the musical genres evolved, he began to listen and mix techno music with all his sub-categories Tech house / Deep house / Ambient techno with favorite artists of the caliber of Ben Klock, Alan Fitzpatrick, Len Faki, Joseph Capriati

Only in 2011, I am passionate about music production and began to study the methods used by great artists to make tracks completely from scratch.

The favorite sounds in the music production are above all Techno, with basses, arpeggiators and pads that go inside and carry without giving up even the most “soft” sounds in the purely deep house style.

Currently, they are constantly evolving in the production and I hope to be able to give a dynamism to the sound that make it range in all its nuances (Favorite artists: Tale of Us, Ten Walls & Simii)

Mine is in the drawer is to be able to live and work with music in a place where it is considered differently than where I live, where the musical culture is not really the strength of the beautiful country.

I hope to succeed in this and above all I will make sure to live my life at the rate of
bpm, because it is what makes me really happy and ALIVE!

Every moment of life has a different kind of music and time, Every joy, pain and mood is linked to music,

She will accompany me throughout her life.




The artist

Nationality: Italian