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B Mac Bio

Brian McGarry has always been involved in the music scene, with a passion for the dance music and Garage genre’s. He took some time away from the dance scene to spend some time on the road and formed an Indie rock band; The Mollies where Brian took the lead as front man and vocalist. Supporting artists and bands such as Pete Doherty, The Vortex, Space Monkeys and KT Tunstall to name but a few.

B Mac has now made the return to his dance music roots and has been making massive strides with both writing and producing music which has taken the garage scene by storm. He is working on an album ‘Sweet ’n’ That’ with a projected release date of 2018. Not content with appearing on the tracks himself, he has also worked closely with Denzee (of ‘Sorry’ fame), as well as Shelley Nelson (something in your eyes), and the infamous Ragga Twins.

His first single release ‘Dancefloor’ with MC’s and vocalists Samzy and Denzee has been supported throughout the industry and was picked up by DJ Spoony on Rinse FM within 5 days of release. US and Canadian radio stations and DJ’s have also had their ears out for B Mac, and his tune has been making playlists across the pond, some even tipping him for a place in the Billboard 100! His 2nd release ‘Since the Day’ also features Denzee and has been picked up by online music magazine ‘Britznbeatz’ who secured a video premiere and an in depth interview with B Mac prior to release. The interest in this guy is gathering a huge amount of momentum now! He has a great deal lined up and in fact has future plans to collaborate with artists such as Joyce Sims, MC Sharky P and Rat Pack to name but a few.

He now intends to build on his successes by launching ‘The B Mac Show’ as an online TV show. The show aims to be a crossover; taking ‘The Word’ and mixing it with ‘TGI Friday’ both of which were outstanding success in their own right. Showcasing new and classic talent in the dance music industry with interviews and live performances B Mac is not just concentrating on the UKG scene. He wants to take his well founded skills outside of the studio and visit towns and cities around the UK, visiting clubs, chatting to ravers, DJ’s and promoters to get an intimate insight into todays clubbing scene. He also wants to showcase clubs and nights giving promoters an opportunity to chat about forthcoming events.

Born in Manchester back in ’77, times were tough for B Mac and his family, money was a rare commodity. At the age of 15 B Mac found that the passion for music was ingrained in him and all he could think about was getting hold of a set of decks to spin some tunes on. Not prepared to steal from others, he searched for other ways to raise funds to buy the turntables. Unfortunately as quite often happens, B Mac turned to crime to get some money together. ‘I’m ashamed now of what I did back then, selling drugs seemed to be the only answer; as I was rejected for a lot of jobs” he tells me quietly, “and if I can pass any message to todays youths, it’d be STOP! don’t go down that path as it only leads to more terrible times, get an education and keep it legit’. Keeping it legitimate was something that B Mac had the opportunity to do; having been arrested for drug supply, the judge gave him 2 options. Either face a custodial sentence or enrol on a college course and prove that education and personal development can work for the better. B Mac sensibly opted for college. As B Mac was shown around the college he was in despair, not able to read or complete simple maths problems; wondering if he had made the right choice. However, in the music room were a set of Numark turntables, needless to say that changed everything, he completed his 1 year court ordered college education and upon leaving B Mac enrolled at Abraham Moss college where he learnt to play guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. Sounds like a fairytale ending right? Wrong! B Mac was still pressured by peers to dabble in criminal activities, however, it didn’t last long. After brushes with armed police and a battle for his own life in hospital coupled with reconstructive surgery after a machete attack; B Mac turned his back on crime for good focusing all his energy now on family and music. Since that time, he has fathered great kids and has a young grand-daughter. Producing great music, spittin’ bars, supporting other local musicians and artists and showing a huge determination to put ‘Manny back on the map’, ‘I won’t disappoint ya, bless my peeps, DJ Sparks, DJ Lockup and my main man Why Jay along with everyone else who’s supported me’ are his final words. Respect! Trust me, B Mac is moving in the right direction and is destined for great things, for sure.