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Baf Suprame

Baf Suprame


Hailing from Chicago, BafSuprame, aka Daniel Kushner is a producers producer. Compositionally speaking, his work ranges from subversive techno to dark anthems, from tech house to synth heavy breaks. All his tracks are a mixture of digital and analog, so his palate is a true hybrid of both worlds. Artistically, BafSuprame is the central character in a fully realized world known as “The Stranger”. This allows all of Baf’s tracks to position themselves relative to each other, and have a unique take and concept.The dancefloor may shake and quake, but this isn’t your typical “hands in the air” music.

Then there’s his penchant for Analog synths. If you think you hear a Moog swirling about his tracks, it’s because his Sub 37 can be found grinding out otherworldly sounds on most tracks. From the gorgeous Oscillators of a fully open BS2 filter, to compact groovebox funk, to ethereal pads and soaring cinematics, Baf embraces music technology with the full throated spirit of an evangelist. Vintage acid grooves to dark moody basslines and clinical techno are Baf’s homebase.



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Nationality: American