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Christian Lazzara

Christian Lazzara


Christian Lazzara, Dj / Producer Italian, born in Milan on 13 September 1988.

Passionate and fascinated by electronics and by the music of the genre Techno Electronics.He began playing with CDJ turntables and all ‘age of 17 years, selecting and mixing the discs of the best DJ / Producer in the world.

Christian Lazzara, defines Techno music a real therapy against negative situations experienced and past. Techno has a power able to touch the negative thoughts and makes them less heavy in our minds.

He begins to project his attention, passion, ambition and talent in Techno music production in 2015, and then continued his dream and founded his own record label C / L Records, thanks to its Label Manager EL, musician and producer, owner of ‘Moebius Records record label.

The C / L Records was born Sept. 19, 2016, beginning with the first official single of Christian Lazzara entitled “Black Alien” …, followed by another 2 single “Close Your Eyes” and “Electronic Mind”.

November 2016, the young Italian manufacturer, released by label C / L Records EP 4, with a total of 17 tracks including 2 singles.The Techno Music is magic.