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Df Mac was working back in the 90s on a track called ‘Me Israelites’ which was an early jungle version to the original Desmond Dekker track.
Dj Ricky Chopra said ‘We should call you Digital Fingers as your so quick on the keyboards! ‘ Mac is from my last name So that was when Df MAC was born.

I have Previously worked on various other projects, Acid House, Jungle, House, UK Garage and Soul where I gained Knowledge and experience. Under the X10Civ umbrella we were on the first Acid House Compilation album in the uk called Acid Beats 1.
We did a track called ‘Cut It Up’ I’ve played live percussion at various garage venues as Df Mac Bongomaster which I’ve recently just got back into.

I’ve now teamed up with Dj’s Mr Scribs & Ray Raymond to promote the History Of House and Garage events which has helped me to keep my finger on the pulse on what the dance floor is looking for.
Collaborating on projects in the studio with Seb Green has been very rewarding, inspirational and exciting for the future as we compliment each other’s work.
Some other collaborations I’ve been a part of in the past were
DD Hass & Extensive, Minds Of Faith, X10Civ, Secofra, Chop, Emc & Extensive, Ricardo Da Force & X10Civ.