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Joe Kool


If you’ve been anywhere near a Club or Internet Radio recently, the name Joe Kool will ring more than a few bells. Having immersed himself in the Clubs and Music Industry for over 30 years, he is no stranger to the DJ circuit spinning Deep House or Open Format he has been known to go all night, on quest to bringing you the best club DJ sets. He’s one hell of a Mixologist when it comes to transitioning, track selection and crowd reading, an ability which lets face it is a dying art in today’s Club scene. With his passion and dedication it’s not hard to see why he has been well sought after and respected in the clubbing/internet radio scene.

He has kept true to his roots in the underground sound whether it be deep soulful house or the heaviest of techno/tech-house outings. Known for his ability to go deep while maintaining the energy to keep the dance floors moving, he has proven to be a diverse DJ.

Joe Kool is not your run-of-the-mill DJ, he has taken Deep House Music and Radio show dynamics to new heights, and really brings his artistic merit to the forefront allowing him to express the proper vibes into the airwaves.
And that’s the best word to describe Joe Kool: vibes. His Deep House narratives and jamming styles cover a vast array of different electronically-fueled multi-genres. From a classic 80s disco vibe, and today’s mainstream sensibilities, Joe Kool spins music that touches on originality and familiarity, leaving any Electronic Music fan with a satisfied vibe. Or to combine the term: satis-vibed.
Kool’s different mixes and spins are in more of a traditional radio setting, with the added spice of internet as one of the main platforms. He has garnered limitless amounts of listeners and acclaim as a radio DJ and never fails to leave you without a vibe. And that’s the word that always comes back to Joe Kool: vibe.
His music also provides you with some of the best transitions between beat progressions. It’s something that makes you feel like you don’t want it to end. And in some ways, it doesn’t. You get something new and fresh with each transition. And if you’re looking for a solid and unwavering hook, there are plenty of female-hooks to go around the turntables several times, and still leave you with something in addition to your (you guessed it) VIBE.