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JM Martínez based in Barcelona, a young producer in love with music and producer since years ago. Took producing and Dj courses in the past and trying to expand his music worldwide and improving his technique as fast as he can dedicating a lot of free time and sweat on it.
Mainly releasing music in a Spanish label called Santa Gema Unlimited but had released also tracks in American labels as Deep Tech Lab, Catamount Records, etc. His last track was released by a London label called Transform Recordings. Mainly produce deep house, progressive, techno dark sounds. Have been in Beatport top 100 with almost all his EP. In his last EP of 3 tracks he reached three tops (techno, deep house and tech house) and with his first release he reached number 17 of Future House. Also starting to work with some vocalist and remixing tracks of some comercial vocalists interested in his work.



The artist

Nationality: Spain