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Seb Green is a London based DJ/producer
Co-founder of Tha Spot a London based events company. he has a love for music that is not bound by genres and boundaries.
Seb Green is A dynamic, creative and adaptable individual with invaluable experience and expertise in the sound engineering industry. Deep knowledge of sound reinforcement, studio, mixers, microphones and recording format.

Seb Green has always had a passion for music starting out as a poet eventually creating his own open mic events and djing at them, he finally started to produce tracks after completing a few different sound engineering courses.

Seb Green was brought up on jazz soca sukos and loves the African drum he specialises in afro house. Seb Green specific sound is to always allow musicians or vocalist the freedom of expression and in turn aims to make all tracks have the element of sounding like it was recorded live instead of grid locked loops.

Seb Green is influenced by producers who are able to have not only a jazz element and the African drum but a live original sound that has ability to make tracks talk to your body on the dance floor.

Seb Green is current collaborating with DF Mac to bring music alive. Currently working on our 8th project after completing 7 tracks consisting of genres of afro house and garage.